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Parent and Family Courses

Programs marked with a  are full certificate programs with the classes listed underneath. All classes, whether they are part of a certificate program or not, may be taken as stand-alone courses.

Means the program is instructor-lead.  Means the program is student-directed. Learn the difference.

Enroll in one of our online parent and family courses! Each course is taught by experts in the field, focusing on helping you be the best parent you can for your children. Learn to deal with some of the most complex challenges in raising a family.


$145 for one month course • View start dates and register online 

Help your child succeed in school. The federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), was put in place to make sure that every child with a diagnosed disability gets the help he or she needs throughout their education process. Parents have significant rights as advocates for their child, both before any evaluation is done as well as afterward if the child is determined to have special needs. Find out what an Individual Educational Program or Plan (IEP) is. Understand these rights and learn how to assure your child is receiving the accommodation she or he needs. Parental advocacy is essential for school success.


$145 for one month course • View start dates and register online

Raising gifted children in an educational climate where the focus is on mass proficiency and “grade level outcomes” make it difficult to challenge students who are academically advanced. You will learn how to accommodate your children’s academic and social-emotional needs both at home and school, while staying sane in the process.


$149 or one month course • View start dates and register online

Know more about taking care of your loved one. Geared towards family and friends of an elderly person, including spouses/significant others, parent-child, elder-other relative, friends, even long-distance caregivers. You will get essential information that caregivers or care partners need to know as you care for an older adult. Learn how to prepare for changes in personal relationships when taking on caregiving roles. Improve your understanding of resources and the long-term care services and supports available. Come away with a developed confidence in techniques in assisting others with variety of needs. This course will also be useful for health program students and emerging professionals.