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Explore Crime Scene Investigation

CSI Day Camp

2017 CSI Schedule
CSI Adventure Academy: July 31–Aug. 4

You see it on TV and the movies. Now learn what it’s like in real life!

Solve crimes like a real forensic scientist. From fingerprints to shoe impressions, solve mysteries using professional CSI equipment and techniques! Discover your passion with our CSI youth programs.

The CSI field is filled with exciting technology and science. Our programs are taught by CSI professionals and instructors who use this technology and their intuition and skills to solve criminal cases every day.

The CSI programs take a limited number of students. Register today!

CSI Adventure Academy (Middle and High School Students)

July 31 – Aug. 4, 2017

CSI Day CampSpend five days on the UW Oshkosh campus immersed in the world of crime scene investigation! Learn the essential skills of a forensic scientist. Test for fingerprints, study clues, and have fun as you learn about the science, technology and skill that goes into investigating a crime scene. At the end of the week, you’ll be prepared for the large mock crime scene. Put your knowledge to the test to figure out which suspect is guilty.

This residential camp will help you learn what it takes to be a forensic scientist.

Registration Information

The fee for this program is $550, and it includes all instruction materials, meals and lodging for the duration of the academy, and all transportation.

The CSI youth programs are sponsored by:

UW Oshkosh, Fox Valley Technical Department, UW Oshkosh Police Department